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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Chosen Words

Thursday, March 28, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

Sweet Easter Dreams

Once upon a time Peter Cottontail

had a blue lagoon colored basket full

of plastic grass, decorated eggs,

chocolate bunnies, a candy carrot, Reese's peanut butter cups and ring pops to deliver to his Princess Tasha.

He hopped through yards of jelly bean delights with Skittles falling from the Hershey chocolate sky while his friend, Granny, helped make Skittle ice cream in a jelly bean cup and put a cherry on top with a tinge

of whipped cream.

Hopping down the Bunny Trail, Granny and Peter Cottontail went to see Piglet, Christopher Robin,

Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit,

Mr. Owl, and the Gopher.

Granny went through the Chocolate Strawberry Forest where vanilla and dark chocolate strawberries gingerly fell into Rabbit's candy carrot basket and, when she arrived, she set his present in his beautiful vegetable

garden with a card sealed with a chocolate kiss sticker and snuck into his kitchen to put his

ice cream into his freezer.

Peter Cottontail hopped through

Cotton Candy Avenue to put a small raspberry red woven basket at Piglet's door with a card attached to it,

"Wishing you a happy-hippity-hop Easter" for when Piglet would look in she'd see a dancing toy M&M to play with until their batteries died

and she decided to eat her goodies.

Christopher Robin was taking a walk in the woods with Eeyore, and Mr. Owl collecting daisies, daffodils and roses for his Mom's Easter Day present while Granny left their baskets on a blanket for them to eat, enjoy,

and have a competition to see how many licks it'd take to get to the center of a Ring Pop without cheating.

Granny and Peter Cottontail

had to work as a team to deliver

Winnie the Pooh's gifts

for his were extra heavy

and they borrowed

Christopher Robin's little red wagon

to pull five overflowing pots of honey to his kitchen and left his pots on his oak wood table where they had painted Winnie the Pooh in Easter Colors.

The Gopher and Eeyore got their

baskets set on the blanket after

Peter Cottontail went through The Hundred Acre Woods and their twig brown baskets were stuffed with rainbow decorated eggs, blue raspberry, watermelon and strawberry ring pops, Reese's peanut butter cups, miniature milk chocolate bunnies, and Jolly Rancher jelly beans to enjoy their Easter-Friend-Picnic party.

Peter Cottontail and Granny hopped down a trail of Easter grass

with tulip petals leading the way to Princess Tasha's castle where they gave her a special tierra made from cherry Twizzlers to wear atop her Golden Graham hair and a basket shaped like a crown where they had it overflowing with dark chocolate bunnies, Reese's peanut butter cups, Barbie designed Easter eggs, Skittles and a friendship charm bracelet.

When Peter Cottontail and Granny were done, they went back to Easter Land where their Gummi Bear friends were waiting with a surprise party, which made their eyes fill with sparkling cider love, friendship was flying like the American flag, and the value of true friendship sang their sweetest Easter Dreams.

Karyn Indursky

Weisenberg Township