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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Letter to the Editor Writer says tickets were stolen in Miss Kempton Fair contest

Thursday, September 5, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

To The Editor:

I am writing in response to the controversy over the Kempton Fair queen.

In a previous letter to the editor (The Press, Aug. 29) there were some details that need to be clarified.

The first issue I would like to address is it states "One of the contestants was unhappy with the results and allegedly started a campaign to discredit the winner." This is so untrue.

It was never to discredit the winner. The issue was two of the contestants' people's choice ticket containers were broken into and tickets were stolen.

This was addressed immediately to the judges.

The tickets I bought, along with approxamately 180 more tickets we confirmed friends and family bought were stolen from this container that was glued shut.

Never was blame ever put on the contestants. But someone took the tickets.

Secondly, the people's choice containers are sealed until final count and gift certificates are awarded.

It is not an insinuation; it was broken into.

I also know the queen and never discredited her ability to be queen. She has always been a volunteer in our community and an upstanding community member.

It was never about the queen herself, it is about the unfairness of the contest with the stolen tickets.

Never, ever, was it said at the two fair meetings I attended she was not qualified to represent Kempton.

This issue was addressed at two Kempton fair meetings and one executive board meeting.

At these meetings, none of the people involved were able to vote.

The Kempton Fair Committee decided what should be done about this issue.

If you question the fairness of this issue, then I encourage you to attend the fair meetings to voice your opinion and be heard.

Bern Leibensperger