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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Letter to The Editor

Thursday, September 12, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

Writers question need for library referendum

To the Editor:

On the Nov. 6 election ballot there will be a referendum to raise the tax from 0.1 mills to 0.2978 mills, a 198-percent increase that is identified strictly for the Parkland Library.

This increased rate will continue until a date not later than July 1, 2035, at which time the rate will adjust to 0.1895 mills, a 90-percent increase from the current 0.1 mills.

Based on my recollection, the current rate of 0.1 mills generates an estimated $625,000 annually.

Accordingly, 0.2978 mills will produce $1,900,000, an increase of 198 percent, and 0.1895 mills will result in $1,200,000, a 90-percent increase over the current $625,000.

The expressed purpose of the referendum is to fund the increased cost of operations and debt service related to the construction costs of the new library facility, which is projected to be six times larger than the current library.

I acknowledge the library has insufficient space for books, other materials, computers, staff and desired programs, but I'm amazed a facility six times larger than the current one is needed.

Think about it, are there going to be that many more books? I keep hearing and reading about everything is digital and eReaders are used by many folks.

And finally, when the library tax rate settles in at 0.1895 resulting in $1,200,000, which is double the current amount, will that be sufficient to support the two facilities, one six times larger than the other?

Elsie and Robert Steckel

South Whitehall