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Sunday, January 20, 2019

N. Whitehall board deals with a variety of issues

Thursday, June 23, 2016 by KENNETH BLEILER Special to The Press in Local News

Jesse Holder, owner of a house at 5524 Riverview Road, has asked North Whitehall supervisors for a waiver of stormwater regulations as they relate to his property.

The approved plan for his lot indicated installation of seepage pits for the downspouts on the house.

He presented a slide show which he said showed no need for the pits as there is adequate natural infiltration of the water on his lot.

In his opinion, the installation of the pits is a waste of money.

Supervisors were not swayed by his argument and Supervisor Steve Pany made a motion the deny the waiver.

Township Manager Jeff Bartlett noted the approved plan of 2015 showed the requirement for the pits and he was aware of this.

The board voted unanimously to deny the request but to allow Holder to present an alternate design to control the stormwater such as a rain garden.

Mark Hills made an observation on the street light subject.

He investigated the cost and discovered if the cost was spread out to every property owner in the township, it would cost each property less than 4 cents per day to pay for the street lights in the township or approximately $12 per property per year.

He would like to have all property owners share the burden of the street light bill as everyone benefits from them.

Pany wants to wait until the end of the year when the tax rates are set.

He suggested this would be a better time to discuss the subject and Hills agreed.

The issue is expected to be discussed later in the year.

Hills also mentioned two more topics.

One was the problem of blighted properties where buildings are deteriorating and need to be removed. By not addressing the subject, the thought was this could be a hazard where someone may be injured.

The other item was address signs.

He urged residents to purchase these $10 signs and post them on their properties so emergency crews can find the location when needed.

Bartlett noted the summer camp sign-up sheet is on the township’s website. He indicated that some of the programs will be canceled if there is not enough interest.

Camps already scheduled are girls field hockey, boys baseball, both July 11-15, football and cheerleading, July 18-22, Creative Theater Arts, July 25-29, and boys and girls basketball, July 25-29.

There is a $50 fee for each camp except Creative Theater Arts which is $80.

In other matters, PPL will be upgrading electric lines in a portion of the township.

The upgrades will start at Laurys Station and cross the Lehigh River into Lehigh Township for a distance of 4.7 miles.

A 230-kilowatt line will be installed.

Ron Roth noted fuel delivery tractor trailers are entering the Weis Market in Schnecksville lot in the wrong direction.

Roth said his understanding was they were to enter and exit using one way only in order to have a safer route.

Also, Roth alleged they were not complying with the time limits set for their deliveries.

Approval for the project was conditional upon the fuel deliveries being handled in the late evening hours or at night when traffic was sparse.

Shirley Beitler was concerned about the traffic on Neffs Laurys Road near the Tannery Road/Manor Road intersection.

She said it is hard to see oncoming traffic when pulling onto the Neffs Laurys Road and was concerned about the possibility of accidents in this area.

George Burizk asked if the township would help him to fix an alley at the rear of his property.

He would pay for the materials if a township crew would grade the site with their equipment.

A few other residents along the alley agreed to help pay for the materials to get the problem alleviated.

The alley apparently has been in disrepair for a long period of time and has developed many potholes.

Supervisors said as this is a private alley, they cannot get involved with the situation.

Burizk would need to hire a private contractor to do the work.

Bartlett also noted the alley could not be closed unless all of the property owners abutting it would agree. The alley runs parallel to the east side of Route 309 in the southern part of Schnecksville.

Two waivers were granted on the isolation distances from a well to a septic system at 3838 Hillside Drive, Neffs and 2639 Old Post Road, Coplay.

The final payment toward the Ironton Rail Trail project was tendered. The sum of $31,236.31 was released.

Township offices will be closed July 4 for the Independence Day holiday.