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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Schneckville to host national midget race Schneckville to host national midget race

Schneckville to host national midget race

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 by TODD KRESS in Sports

Next week will not only be a big week for the Keystone State Quarter Midget Club. It’ll be a historic week for the city of Schnecksville as well.

The Keystone State Quarter Midget Club track, located in Schnecksville, will host a dirt grand national race event in the upcoming week. The week-long event begins on Monday and concludes Saturday with the championship 40-lap race for each of the 12 classes. Participants range from age 5 to 16 and will compete on the club’s dirt oval track.

“We’re very proud to be awarded the host of this event because it’s usually out West and we need to travel pretty far,” said Jen Henry, Publicity Director for the club. “To bring all of those people finally to our track is an honor.”

The event will begin on Monday, where participants arrive at the track for parking and car inspections. Each car must pass inspections and each participant’s gear must be deemed safe to ride.

Tuesday will be dedicated for practice all day for the 12 classes. Ranking from novice to the more advanced drivers, the classes include: Junior Novice, Junior Animal, Senior Animal, Heavy Animal, Junior Honda, Senior Honda, Heavy Honda, Light World Formula, Heavy World Formula, Light 160 and Heavy 160. Each driver will be placed into a certain classed based on a number of factors.

“Those classes are based on age as well as weight,” Henry said. “A senior class would be a faster car than a junior class, different things like that. What class you run is based on age and the weight of you in your car.”

Following practice on Tuesday, the next day is dedicated to time trials for all of the participants. Participants will then race in seed races on Thursday and Friday in hopes of qualifying for the main event of their class on Saturday.

“We have a schedule that we have to follow basically,” Henry said. “So it’s basically when we get to that point of the day where we’re scheduled to be. The end time is kind of later in the evening. This event ends on Saturday, so you need to be at the point where you can race your main event on Saturday.”

The Keystone State Quarter Midget Club, which is mainly being sponsored by the Ironton Telephone Company, currently has over 150 participants enrolled for the event. The club expects that number to reach close to 200 in the next couple of days. Jen’s son Tyler will be one of those participants.

Race days, Wednesday through Saturday, will begin with a handler’s meeting for the parents prior to the actual racing at 8:30 a.m. Then, the races will begin at approximately 9 a.m.

The race will be free to spectators, and the club will provide plenty of extras over the course of the event.

“During the week we host a meal for all of our participants, and we provide entertainment for the week for the children and their families,” Henry said. “There are different things happening all day long, all week long.”