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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Land swap issue tabled

Thursday, October 20, 2016 by KENNETH BLEILER Special to The Press in Local News

Supervisor Kathy Rader introduced Ashley Godshall to the audience as the new secretary to the Upper Macungie Township Board of Supervisors.

Rader announced her upcoming retirement and will no longer serve as township secretary.

The Upper Macungie/Jaindl land swap was on the agenda for discussion.

A second appraisal was done and the results were similar to the first proposal.

David Jaindl was in the audience to answer any questions regarding the swap and to also discuss the proposal.

A standing-room-only crowd greeted him.

He reiterated this was not his proposal but was the township’s proposal instead.

Jaindl said it was a good idea and he would not gain anything financially with the land swap.

Residents were divided on the issue.

Those near the Jaindl property welcomed the idea as their homes would not see as much truck traffic.

They were concerned for the safety of their children and were concerned increased truck traffic, due to the development of the Jaindl property, would adversely affect the quality of the neighborhood.

Police Chief Edgardo Colon said afety and increased traffic were his concerns.

Residents against the swap included Diana Palmer, Twin Ponds Road, who said the wildlife in the area would be gone with the development of the area.

She would be surrounded by the proposed warehouses or other facilities.

The land swap would not make any difference in the truck traffic, just re-route it to a different location.

John Skrip, who participated in the planning process for the township, would rather pay more taxes versus allowing more truck traffic.

He said it is not a fair swap but whatever decision is made by the board, someone will be unhappy.

Skrip said the board should consider the longterm effects on the Route 100 and Schantz Road intersection.

Supervisor Sean Gill said the board must do its homework on this issue to make an educated decision.

Gill said his decision will be in the best interest of the residents.

The discussion was tabled after all comments were received.

In other business, Robert Ibach was appointed assistant township manager.

Ann Ludman, Sleepy Hollow Lane, was concerned about the paving of her street.

She said there are numerous potholes and the sewer grates are elevated above the road surface.

She stated that after the last house was built, the contractor left and hasn’t been seen since.

The board noted the road should be paved before the black top plant closes for the year.

Chief Colon’s police report showed a total of calls for service at 930 with 425 traffic citations. This is an increase over September 2015 when total calls were 705 and traffic citations were 354. Numerous crimes were reported with DUI offenses leading the way at 11 followed by fraud crimes at 8 and thefts with 8. The canine crew was busy also with 4 actions in Upper Macungie Township and 5 assists in other areas. The motor carrier program had 100 inspections which resulted in 80 violations discovered and 9 citations issued.

Fire Commissioner Grant Grim’s report showed 54 fire inspections for September giving a year-to-date total of 636.

Station 8 had 48 emergency responses while station 25 had 43 and station 56 had 51. Station 8 received three new members while station 56 got one.