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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Board sets fees for street lights

Thursday, December 22, 2016 by KENNETH BLEILER Special to The Press in Local News

Secretary Brenda Norder informed all attending the supervisors’ meeting that North Whitehall Township offices would be closed Dec. 23 and Dec. 26 for the Christmas holiday and Jan. 2, 2017 for the New Year’s Day holiday.

The board’s organizational meeting will be 7:30 p.m. Jan. 3, 2017. Auditors will reorganize on 6 p.m. Jan. 4, 2017.

Attorney Sarah Jolly, representing KidsPeace, to tell supervisors of the organization’s plans for the upcoming year.

This is a long-standing requirement, so the township is aware of any development on the property.

Satisfied with the report, supervisors gave their approval.

Supervisors set the rate for streetlights at $45 for residential and $118.25 for industrial.

Amounts were rounded at the suggestion of Supervisor Mark Hills.

The developer of Parkland Hollow, a minor re-subdivision plan, was given an extension of time until March 6, 2017 for re-submission.

This is for a minor re-subdivision plan which had been presented to the board.

The board approved the request to include the supervisor/employee in the township’s insurance plan. This was in regards to Chairman Ronald Heintzelman.

The budget for 2017 was presented by Township Manager Jeff Bartlett.

Supervisors were satisfied with the new budget and voted to approve it with no tax increase.

Bartlett also noted since winter is rapidly approaching, certain items must be done.

All portable basketball courts must be removed from the road way so the township equipment does not hit them.

If they are not removed, the township will remove them.

Also, residents are advised not to throw snow into the streets as this is against the law.

All sidewalks must be cleaned after a snowfall.

The board voted on the acceptance of the road and adjoining right of way on Creekside Drive. This was not a unanimous vote with Supervisor Steve Pany voting no.

Matt Szuchyt, government liaison from Sen. Pat Browne’s office, R-16th, attending the meeting offering any assistance the township might need.

Bartlett asked for some assistance from the state on repairing the bridge on Coffeetown Road, a PennDOT road, which crosses the Coplay Creek.

The bridge was damaged in a recent accident when it was hit by a tractor trailer.

Bartlett suggested the bridge be re-evaluated to ascertain whether it is still structurally sound.

Frank Driesbach issued a complaint concerning the closing of Laurel Lane by a neighbor.

Bartlett noted this issue will be going before the district judge for resolution.

The township has no jurisdiction regarding the alley as it is private.

Jeff Johnson, ESO representative and Tri-Clover fire chief, suggested the township have a property maintenance ordinance.

He was told one is in the works and will be submitted shortly.

Johnson, as a property owner and farmer, also came before the board to voice his concerns on the erosion in the fields near Roberts Road.

Bartlett and the township engineer visited the site and discussed the option of installing a berm to control the water flow.

He said the runoff from Roberts Road is washing out his fields.

Johnson was also concerned about a property on Coleen Drive.

He said the lot was regraded after being inspected and was regraded onto his property.

He said the property pins were buried when the regrading occurred.

Bartlett and the township engineer will visit the site within the month.