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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Guest View II

Thursday, November 16, 2017 by The Press in Opinion

Time to start winning in Washington

America is home to the best military in the world, the best system of higher education, the most innovative entrepreneurs, and most importantly, the hardest workers.

In many ways, we can see how God has blessed America.

Unfortunately, we also have a Congress that is failing us and is holding our country back from achieving greater heights.

Congress seems totally incapable of solving the biggest challenges facing us today.

Issues like health care and tax reform, immigration and securing our border, and serving our veterans seem to get lip service on the campaign trail, yet we see little or no positive change coming from Washington.

Obamacare has led to rising premiums, high deductibles, and coverage that does not meet the needs of many individuals and families.

An unfair tax system and burdensome regulations resulted in sluggish economic growth, stagnant wages, and underemployment or lack of participation in the job market altogether.

Kate Steinle’s death (by an illegal alien in San Francisco) and other tragic incidents are a result of inaction on immigration issues that have given rise to sanctuary cities and policies that put all Americans in harm’s way.

Our veterans struggle to get the care they deserve after they come home.

This is unacceptable for the greatest country in the world. Enough is enough.

We the people demand action and I am running for Congress to provide conservative leadership by advancing an America First agenda.

We need common sense solutions that address the most pressing problems facing the country.

Our government and elected leaders must put America and its people first, and we should not be ashamed to fight for that every day.

As a ninth-generation resident of our area, I care deeply about our community.

I respect our flag, our military, and our country.

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of Pennsylvania as a state representative for the past five years.

In the state House, I have built a proven track record as a strong fiscal conservative by fighting off reckless tax and spend proposals from our liberal governor, Tom Wolf.

I am also proud to have introduced, passed, and had signed into law a half dozen pieces of legislation.

I have focused on policies that help Pennsylvania workers.

Different pieces of legislation that I authored and that have been signed into law reduced unnecessary regulations; lowered and eliminated certain taxes, including the elimination of the inheritance tax on small family businesses; and will help our military members and veterans as they transition to the private sector and start their own businesses.

To improve healthcare, I have worked with local medical professionals to overhaul the process and procedures for stroke patients, thus ensuring they receive the appropriate care as quickly as possible.

I am grateful to have been able to be a part of this effort that will undoubtedly save lives.

Advocacy on issues relating to autism and individuals with special needs, combating the opioid epidemic, and reducing maternal mortality are all causes I am passionate about.

On immigration, my record is clear.

I have consistently voted to hold sanctuary cities accountable for willfully violating the law.Additionally, I strongly support an E-Verify system, which protects American jobs.

We must secure our border by building a wall, and oppose amnesty and radical open border policies that endanger Americans.

As a candidate for Congress I vow to continue to fight for the American people just as I have in the state House.

I am confident that we can get results despite those who want to maintain the status quo or, worse, those who want to fundamentally change America.

It is time to start winning in Washington on the reforms Americans are demanding.

If Republicans who control Congress don’t start getting results fast, their majorities will be wiped away with only themselves to blame and current leaders like Speaker Paul Ryan will rightly be shown the door.


Editor’s note: Ryan Mackenzie is a candidate for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District. He is a ninth generation Pennsylvanian, and is currently a state Representative serving portions of Berks and Lehigh counties. Ryan received his undergraduate degree from New York University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.