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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Chosen Words

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 by The Press in Opinion


Holidays are wonderful;

they put you in the mood;

Fun and family gatherings,

and tons of fattening food.

There’s turkey, ham and candied yams,

cranberry sauce galore.

Cakes and pies and cookies, too,

and always so much more

The food is very plentiful, in fact,

there’s way too much;

But, we keep eating more and more,

’til everyone is stuffed!

After all have eaten, it’s time to clean the mess.

The women have to do it,

’cause the men won’t help, I guess.

The men sit down and watch TV,

and even fall asleep.

The women rush around the house

to clean up and to keep

The children quiet so they

don’t disturb our sleeping gents.

To let them sleep ‘til we are

done does make a lot of sense.

When day is done and all

of us have time to just relax,

The conversation’s pleasant,

and the family’s all intact.

You gaze around at everyone

and think about the things

This lovely family means to you,

and all the love it brings.

The holidays mean oh, so much,

when families get together;

They come from near and far away,

regardless of the weather.

To see your family one and all,

maybe even hold their hand;

I wouldn’t miss it for the world,

’cause holidays are grand!

Shirley Binkley

Cedar View