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Friday, May 29, 2020

Board readies for 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018 by SUSAN RUMBLE Special to The Press in Local News

Attired in his black robe, District Judge Jacob Hammond administered the oath of office, at the Jan. 2 South Whitehall commissioners’ meeting, to individuals who were successful in the November 2017 Municipal Election.

Christina “Tori” Morgan, who has been a commissioner since 2008, was re-elected, and newcomer Mark Pinsley is starting his first four-year term on the board.

Tax Collector Alvin Thompson and his deputy, Sandra Dieter, were also installed in office.

The board then proceeded with election of officers.

Board member Matt Mulqueen nominated Morgan for another term as president.

“Tori does a fabulous job,” Mulqueen said.

Her approval was unanimous.

The commissioners David Bond nominated Glenn Block for vice president, and Mulqueen nominated Bond for assistant secretary.

Both received unanimous approval.

The board then proceeded to consider individuals and firms who provide professional services to the township.

Once again The Pidcock Co. was appointed township engineer.

The company’s fees, ranging from $35 per hour for an administrative assistant to $126 per hour for the principal of the firm, were approved.

Attorney Joseph A. Zator was reappointed township solicitor.

Pinsley asked whether there were any conflicts of interest associated with Zator’s position.

Stephanie Koenig, representing Zator Law Offices, responded.

“None that we haven’t previously considered,” Koenig responded.

“The firm’s fees are $185 per hour for all attorneys and $90 per hour for paralegals.

After Zator’s confirmation, the board appointed Attorney James Broughal as alternate township solicitor.

Block noted Broughal steps in if there is a conflict of interest with Zator.

Broughal fees are $175 per hour for attorneys and $80 per hour for paralegals.

The board reappointed Maria Mullane as zoning hearing board solicitor. She has held that position for 29 years.

Commissioners reappointed the Philadelphia law firm of Eckert Seamans as labor counsel and solicitor for the civil service commission and pension committee.

“We’ve had a positive experience with them since 2013-14, so we continue their service,” township Manager Renee Bickel said.

As part of the reorganization procedure, Bickel was reappointed township manager.

She assumed the position in June 2017, after serving as interim township manager upon the resignation of Howard Kutzler in February 2017.