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Sunday, January 20, 2019

District staffing needs presented to Parkland School Board members

Thursday, April 5, 2018 by SUSAN RUMBLE Special to The Press in Local News

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rod Troutman presented a list of 2018-19 staffing requests to the Parkland School Board during the March 20 meeting.

Troutman reported the district needs 10.5 new professional positions, three new support personnel, and three school activities advisors.

“We have tremendous enrollment growth,” Troutman said. “Some of these look to the future for the new school in 2020-21. They are positions we can use now, and they’ll take the pressure off of us when the new school opens so we don’t have so many all at once.”

He said at the elementary level, four new teachers are needed in the southern section of the district.

When the new school opens along Twin Ponds Road, between Long Lane and Schantz Road, Upper Macungie, some of the new teachers will be sent there.

Troutman stated an additional psychologist is needed at the elementary level to accommodate the many students needing services and to provide time for staff to complete evaluation reports within the 60-day time frame of the law.

He also requests an elementary school guidance counselor to become acquainted with children in the southern schools and to move with them when the new building opens.

Troutman said a technology education teacher is needed at Springhouse Middle School for safety issues in the wood shop, and a math teacher for students taking college algebra and geometry.

He noted previously high school teachers went in to conduct the advanced math courses, but now a full-time certified individual is desired to cover those higher levels while keeping class sizes within district guidelines.

Troutman said an additional biology teacher is needed at the high school for Project Lead the Way courses in the biomedical program.

“This is an excellent program which surpassed our expectations. Growth is tremendous, and we have a waiting list,” Troutman said.

He’s also looking for a social studies teacher to replace an individual who is involved in the district’s EMT and firefighting courses.

Superintendent Richard Sniscak praised the EMT and firefighting offerings and said a ripple effect happens when students in those classes serve the community as emergency responders.

Troutman asked for a half-time position in English as a Second Language due to increased enrollment.

In the support category, the assistant superintendent requested a technology paraprofessional for the high school, a special education paraprofessional, and a maintenance mechanic.

For student activities, Troutman stated advisers are needed for three clubs which have met their two years of provisional status.

Staffing requests will be reviewed by the board at the budget seminar on April 27 to consider inclusion in the 2018-19 financial plan.