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Sunday, May 19, 2019
PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZ Parkland's Franco Perinotti clears the bar on his way to first place in the pole vault event during last week's meet against Emmaus. PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZ Parkland's Franco Perinotti clears the bar on his way to first place in the pole vault event during last week's meet against Emmaus.

Trojan track team splits opener against Emmaus

Thursday, April 5, 2018 by TODD KRESS in Sports

Plenty of talent graduated from last year’s Parkland track and field team, on both the boys and girls sides. In particular Morgan Sherwin and Connor Tempro, both who participated at last year’s state meet.

Sherwin earned a medal at the PIAA Track and Field Championships in Hershey when she tied for second in the high at five feet, five inches. Tempro also participated in the 400-meter dash on the high school’s brightest stage.

But both of them are gone, along with plenty of other district medalists from last spring. Now it’s time for this group of Trojans to etch their own stones in 2018.

Leading the way on the boys side is senior Julian Colon, who placed third in the 100-meter dash and fourth in the 200-meter dash at last year’s district meet.

The distance running events, however, is where the Parkland boys expect to return much of their top competitors. Senior Jacob Ringer returns after grabbing silver in the 800-meter run in 1:58.69. Ringer also competed at states in that event.

Also in the 800-meter run is junior Riley Williamson, who came in sixth place in a time of 1:59.38. He and Ringer expect to be a formidable one-two punch near the top of Parkland’s mid-distance runners.

Junior Nicholas Bower (sixth in 3200-meter run), senior Sam Morgan (12th in 1600-meter run) and senior Nathan Rode (14th in 3200-meter run) round out the remaining top distance runners.

Plenty of other Trojan boys have excelled in field events. Expected back are: seniors Franco Perinotti (fourth in pole vault), Kiaeem Comegs (eighth in high jump) and Xavier Huff (12th in shot put).

Leading the list of top female returnees is Junior Grace Steurer, who will perhaps be expected to replace Sherwin as Parkland’s top jumper. Steurer came in fourth at last year’s district meet with a mark of four feet, nine inches.

Plenty of other Lady Trojans will make their mark in the jumping events, too. Junior Ellie Baldo came in eighth in the high jump, also posting a mark of four feet, nine inches. Junior Shelby Staib placed ninth in the triple jump with a mark of 35 feet, 2 inches. She also placed sixth in the javelin with a mark of 112 feet, 3 inches.

The duo of Junior Christine Hutchinson (seventh) and senior Clair Bassler (13th) return in the 300-meter hurdle event. Sophomore Ava Schaller placed 11th in the 800-meter run.

The Trojans opened the season with a split against Emmaus last week.

Parkland’s boys team cruised to a 113-37 win over the Hornets, while the Parkland girls fell by a 77-73 score.


Parkland 113, Emmaus 37

100: 1. Julian Colon (P) 11.34, 2. Habeeb Salau (P), 3. Izaiah McPherson (E);

200: 1. Luben Myers (E) 23.64, 2. Habeeb Salau (P), 3. Ese Duke (P);

400: 1. Mustapha Salau (P) 52.74, 2. Mason Boyd (E), 3. Colby Kocon (E);

800: 1. Jacob Ringer (P) 2:09.6, 2. Paul Petre (E), 3. Nathan Ringer (P);

1600: 1. Sam Morgan (P) 4:49.3, 2. Riley Williamson (P), 3. Nicholas Bower (P);

3200: 1. Nicholas Bower (P) 10:22.0, 2. Nathan Rode (P), 3. Matthew Zager (P);

110H: 1. Adriel Montes (P) 17.64, 2. Jake Ryan (E), 3. Douglas Marube (P);

300H: 1. Adriel Montes (P) 43.64, 2. Jaiden Acevedo (E), 3. Nicolas Andrade (P);

4x100: 1. Parkland 45.14, 2. Emmaus;

4x400: 1. Emmaus 3:46.7, 2. Parkland;

4x800: 1. Parkland 8:50.5, 2. Emmaus;

High jump: 1. Kiaeem Comegys (P) 6-3, 2. Adam Klinger (P), 3. Keon Carroll-Hering (E);

Long jump: 1. Michael Gombos (P) 19-1, 2. Jeremy Guridy (P), 3. Giovanni Recchia (P);

Triple jump: 1. Michael Gombos (P) 40-0, 2. Adam Klinger (P), 3. Mason Boyd (E);

Pole vault: 1. Franco Perinotti (P) 13-6, 2. Joshua Lemberg (P), 3. Peyton Brown (E);

Discus: 1. Brian Hanton (P) 124-8, 2. Jeremy Sell (P), 3. Austen Kasaczum (E);

Javelin: 1. Christopher Tigar (P) 121-4, 2. Arti Schmidt (E), 3. Michael Ruisch (P);

Shot put: 1. Jeremy Sell (P) 45-2 1/2, 2. Adam Piston (P), 3. Austen Kasaczun (E);


Emmaus 77, Parkland 73

100: 1. Alanna Smith (E) 11.84, 2. Kayla Smith (E), 3. Hali Perry (P);

200: 1. Breyanna Roper (E) 26.84, 2. Alanna Smith (E), 3. Hali Perry (P);

400: 1. Mackenzie Dries (E) 1:02.74, 2. Madison McWhinney (E), 3. Ava Schaller (P);

800: 1. Ava Bendetti (P) 2:30.2, 2. Kera Reinhard (E), 3. Abby Heilenman (E);

1600: 1. Ava Bendetti (P) 5:39.3, 2. Kaitlyn Carter (E), 3. Madison Zaun (P);

3200: 1. Abigail Dalton (E) 11:45.7, 2. Madison Zaun (P), 3. Lily Goense (P);

100H: 1. Christine Hutchinson (P) 18.74, 2. Tayah Mehrtens (E), 3. Laurel Widdoss (E);

300H: 1. Christine Hutchinson (P) 52.04, 2. Edna Creelman (E), 3. Sarah Jane Waterman (E);

4x100: 1. Emmaus 50.64, 2. Parkland;

4x400: 1. Emmaus 4:21.7, 2. Parkland;

4x800: 1. Emmaus 10:04.6, 2. Parkland;

High jump: 1. Ellie Baldo (P) 4-9, 2. Grace Steurer (P), 3. Laurel Widdoss (E);

Long jump: 1. Shelby Staib (P) 16-3 1/2, 2. Laurel Widdoss (E), 3. Adriana Goetz-Morales (P);

Triple jump: 1. Shelby Staib (P) 34-9, 2. Laurel Widdoss (E), 3. Grace Steurer (P);

Pole vault: 1. Brenna McKinley (P) 8-0, 2. Megan Kearns (P), 3. Abigail Sommers (E);

Discus: 1. Shelby Staib (P) 94-1, 2. Anna Scott Hand (E), 3. Phoebe Lingold (E);

Javelin: 1. Shelby Staib (P) 101-8, 2. Sonya Shivok (P), 3. Jada Rodriguez (P);

Shot put: 1. Naomi Devarie (E) 30-10, 2. Mikayla Anne Woodring (P), 3. Kendra Yeboah (P).