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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Update given on Ridings at Parkland

Thursday, April 12, 2018 by KENNETH BLEILER Special to The Press in Local News

Township Secretary Brenda Norder notified North Whitehall supervisors April 2 that a conditional use hearing would be held 7:30 p.m. April 26.

The hearing will concern a proposal to construct a stand alone Dollar General store.

In other matters, as the 180-day waiting period for the inclusion of the Hoffman tract, 88.597 acres along Scheidys Road, into the Ag Security District has expired, the board voted to add the property to the plan.

Joe Piperato and Phil Malitsch addressed the board on the Ridings at Parkland subdivision.

This is a plan dating back to 2007-08 that was approved but never recorded.

The plan, which will be divided into two phases, shows two less lots in the 53-lot subdivision.

Michael Tuskes, the developer, will be required to widen Schneck Road from the development to Hickory Road.

Piperato noted the development would have sidewalks; the homeowners association would be responsible for detention pond maintenance; and this plan was drawn to more stringent standards than the previous plan.

A few members of the audience, including Bruce Stettler and Leonard Nuss, suggested the plan return to the planning commission, and a traffic study should be done for review, but Solicitor Lisa Young stated that was not necessary as the changes were small.

Central sewer and water are proposed with an upgrade of the system required for Phase Two.

Piperato was not looking for any approvals but just wanted the board to know how the project was proceeding.

Bids for paving materials were awarded.

New Enterprise received the bid for aggregate material with a figure of $43,955 and the paving material bid of $221,910.

Yearly recreation allocations were awarded.

North Parkland A. A. received $3,000; Ormrod Playground Association, $5,000; Laurys A. A., $5,00; Schnecksville, $4,500; Orefield A.A., $3,000 and Neffs, $1,500.

Manager Jeff Bartlett noted that the Neffs Park playground will be leased to the township on a yearly basis.

The playground is on property owned by The Neffs National Bank.

Pat Carl noted the Schnecksville association has taken over the programs of the Neffs playground.

In his report which followed, he noted that the township is having trouble with people refusing to remove their cars from the roadway during snow plowing.

He suggested the township adopt an ordinance that would allow towing of the offending vehicles if they are not moved.

Members are still needed on the open space preservation committee and a third alternate for the zoning hearing board should be appointed.

Bartlett warned people to stay off the recreation fields due to the current wet conditions.

They are soggy, muddy and the grass will be destroyed if used now.

The new employee for the public works department will be recognized next week.

Solicitor Young presented the resolution to include portions of Hannah Lane and Hollow Drive into the township road system.

Daniel Linchuk was in attendance again to complain about his water problem. Supervisor Mark Hills talked to the township engineer about the problem and was told the township could be fined if they allow sediment to wash onto the roadway.

Supervisor Dennis Klusarits will meet with a soil conservation official to study the problem.