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Friday, October 18, 2019

Upper Macungie police issue fraud advisory

Thursday, May 31, 2018 by Susan Bryant in Police Log

Recently, Upper Macungie Township Police have had several reports of Upper Macungie residents having packages delivered to their doorstep that were not ordered by the resident.

In these cases, the package had the resident’s address on the box but a different name listed as the recipient.

After the package was delivered, the resident was either contacted by note or in person by someone claiming the package was his, and there was a mistake in delivery or a similar variation.

Residents who called police recognized something did not seem right about the situation.

The individuals involved with this type of fraud are thieves. After obtaining sensitive information such as victim names and credit card information, the suspect orders merchandise and has it sent to a separate location where they can pick up the items, typically without being seen.

Suspects do not want to interact with the homeowner, and they don’t want to be seen.

In the Upper Macungie incidents, the suspects did not do a good job of scooping up the stolen goods fast enough.

Many times, however, the suspect is successful in swooping in and disappearing with the items.

When the police follow the trail of the stolen merchandise to the home where it was delivered, they are met by a homeowner who does not know anything about the transaction or any package being delivered at their doorstep.

Police say if you receive a package that is delivered to your address but has a different name listed as the recipient, one you don’t recognize, call them.

For further information, contact Crime and Community Services Division Commander Lt. Peter Nickischer at 484-661-5911 or email