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Saturday, March 23, 2019
Carol Obando-Derstine Carol Obando-Derstine


Thursday, June 7, 2018 by The Press in Opinion

Some tips if you are planning to move

Are there new faces in your neighborhood?

If so, it’s no surprise. At PPL Electric Utilities, we know that more than 200,000 of our residential customers set up new electric service or transfer their existing service in an average year.

That’s about 15 percent of our residential customers, which might seem like a lot at first.

But when you think of all the situations where people move, it makes sense. That 200,000 includes college kids moving into their first off-campus residence, couples buying a first home, families buying a vacation cottage, and older people downsizing into cozy apartments — just to name a few.

Moving has a reputation for being physically and mentally stressful, unless you’re one of those people who lives with little more than an air mattress and a hot plate. (Most of us have more than that to carry from place to place.)

Thankfully, the Internet is chock-full of advice on how to make a move go smoothly. A Google search for “tips for moving” turns up 159 million results. Here are a few good tips from sources like United Van Lines, Mayflower and Good Housekeeping:

·Moving into a city? Check in advance on whether there are parking restrictions on moving vans.

·Don’t procrastinate: The earlier you start packing and planning, the better. Also, if you face a tough decision on whether to keep something, giving yourself lots of time means you can take a few days to postpone the decision and come back with a clear head.

·Be realistic about whether you, your family and friends can handle the move yourselves, or whether professional movers are a better option. You may have a lot of unpacking to do; a sprained knee or a strained back won’t make it any easier.

·If hiring a professional mover, schedule a visual estimate where they can see everything you plan to move. Mention any off-site items, such as those in storage, that will also be included in the move so you get an accurate cost estimate.

·Mark boxes with the room where they will go in the new home. Mark the rooms, so no one has to guess which is Bedroom No. 1 and which is Bedroom No. 2.

PPL Electric Utilities offers a few services to make moving easier, as well.

-You can start, stop or move your electric service online — no phone call necessary. Go to to take care of it.

·You can also take advantage of our agreement with AllConnect, a company that helps you set up cable, Internet and other services before you move in. It’s a free service we’re now offering to residential customers. More information is available at

·If the new place could use some updating, we offer free refrigerator recycling, as well as rebates on energy-efficient new appliances like water heaters. Find out more about these energy- and money-saving offers at

If you’re one of the 200,000 who will be on the move this year, we hope it goes well, and your new place quickly comes to feel like home. Whatever your personal story, we’ll keep the lights on for you.


Editor’s note: Carol Obando-Derstine is regional affairs director for PPL Electric Utilities.