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Monday, March 25, 2019

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 by The Press in Opinion

Writer advocates keeping water clean

To the Editor:

Some of you remember your buddy offering to change your motor oil in front of your house for a fraction of the Jiffy Lube price or flush your radiator. He even cleaned up and hosed the old oil down the gutter. Fast and cheap and you didn’t have to drive to an appointment. Those were the days.

And when your wife caught you dumping stinky paint thinner down the sink, your buddy had the answer for that, too.

What was the secret? The sewer drain at the end of the block.

Convenient and fast. Thank goodness for your buddy. Now you won’t get caught if your wife smells the chemicals or gloppy stuff from the bathroom toilet.

So where does that stuff go? Into a ditch, a hole, a holding tank? No. It travels miles of deep pipes to your city’s treatment facility with your sink and toilet flushings.

End of Story? No. The plant has to filter, clean and treat every gallon making it good enough to dump into the Lehigh River.

End of story? No. The Lehigh is Allentown’s emergency drinking water source. After it joins the Delaware in Easton, it becomes Philadelphia’s drinking water source.

Wow, I guess it’s critical that treatment plants operate flawlessly sat maximum capacity.

So what is the biggest threat to drinking water quality in our area and most of the country today? Money.

Most treatment facilities in the country are very old and suffering from years of stingy municipal budgets. The federal government. has mandated tough standards to protect out drinking water and clean out the crap you and your buddies are dumping on the ground or flushing down the toilet.

So? Guess what? The Feds are not paying for it. Now what?

Look at your bills you’re paying new taxes.

What can you do? You can help yourself, help all of us and help keep our water clean.

How? Many of your kids are being taught this. Ask them or click on this website and explore solutions:

William Klein

Master Watershed Steward

New Tripoli