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Friday, February 22, 2019

S.W. parks to receive new items

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 by SUSAN RUMBLE Special to The Press in Local News

South Whitehall Director of Operations Randy Cope reports the disc golf course at Covered Bridge Park is the most frequently used year-round feature in the township park system.

At a recent meeting, he reported numerous improvements were made to the disc golf course over the past four years.

Now, however, the old baskets are worn hard and are difficult to see at times.

Commissioners granted Cope permission to proceed with purchase of new disc golf baskets at a cost of $7,329.

The new ones will be blue for better visibility and will include a custom number plate with the hole number.

For the Bungalow Park playground, commissioners approved purchase of new equipment from BYO Recreation at a cost of $41,946.

Cope explained the current play structure at Bungalow Park is faded, in poor condition, too small and limited in age appeal.

The new layout will serve ages 2 to 12 and will be ADA accessible. There will be a nature theme, chosen through a survey of neighborhood residents.

The equipment includes slides, climbing stations, log tunnel, a green thumb potting shed, swings and more.

“This park is in need of renovations,” Cope said. “With leftover funds, we can resurface the basketball court and upgrade landscaping and accessibility.”

In another budgetary matter, commissioners approved purchase of dash cameras for the three South Whitehall fire departments at a cost of $12,755.

The cameras record what is happening inside and outside the cab of the truck and are used by fire companies to protect them from insurance claims if an incident occurs while using the apparatus.

Commissioner David Bond stated a policy has to be put in place to protect people’s privacy with no release of material from the cameras to social media.

In response to requests from developers of the former Rutz farm along Walbert Avenue, commissioners granted a waiver to approve black aluminum fencing around the stormwater basins instead of the standard chain link fences.

The over-55 community now called Regency at South Whitehall has three basins and a rain garden requiring fencing, and the David Jaindl section of the Hills at Winchester has one basin along Walbert Avenue.

Engineer William Erdman, representing the Regency section being developed by Toll Brothers, reported the black aluminum fencing is more attractive than chain link and meets National Pool Code requirements.