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Monday, May 20, 2019

lunch menus

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 by The Press in School

Thursday, Dec. 6: M.S., H.S.: Chicken fries, hot dog on roll, pierogies, baked beans. Elem.: Salad bar, dinner roll, cereal meal, also.

Friday, Dec. 7: Elem.: Mini burger sliders, chicken nuggets, salad bar, dinner roll, cereal meal, Tater Tots, steamed corn. M.S., H.S.: Cheese steak on roll, chicken nuggets, Tater Tots. M.S.: Steamed corn, also.

Monday, Dec. 10: M.S., H.S.: Mini corn dogs, cheddar cheese meatloaf, sandwich on roll, mashed potatoes with gravy. Elem.: Pizza, cereal meal, also.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: Elem.: Chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks with sauce, pizza, cereal meal, dinner roll, steamed broccoli. M.S., H.S.: Trojan chicken bowl, mozzarella sticks with sauce, dinner roll. M.S.: Steamed broccoli, also.

Wednesday, Dec. 12: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Nachos with Bush’s taco fiesta black beans, turkey and cheese melt on pretzel bun, steamed brown rice. Elem.: Pizza, cereal meal also.

Thursday, Dec. 13: M.S.: Pasta with meat or marinara sauce, hot dog on roll, dinner roll, tossed salad. Elem.: Pizza, cereal meal, also. H.S.: Meatball parm sub, hot dog on roll, dinner roll.