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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Board OKs electronic records for South Whitehall police

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 by SUSAN RUMBLE Special to The Press in Local News

South Whitehall commissioners have granted permission for Police Chief Glen Dorney to purchase of IAPRO and Blue Team software to maintain an electronic record of everything happening in the police department.

During the board’s March 6 meeting, Dorney said incidents including use of force, field-level discipline, complaints and pursuits have historically been entered on paper forms.

“The incorporation of Blue Team and IAPRO will allow for these reports to be routed through the chain of command with review and approval at each step both electronically and uniformly,” the chief said.

He reported the internal investigations software not only documents everything that happens but also keeps an electronic record of all activity.

“This is helpful in liability,” Dorney said. “The vast majority of the time our officers are doing something right.

“This software will confirm that.”

He explained any time an officer uses force, the department conducts an investigation but usually preserves the records only if someone is injured.

Dorney said force is used many times by police officers conducting an arrest, but most times no one is injured.

The electronic record will provide a balanced look at the number of times force was used and whether someone was injured during the encounter.

The old system was misleading as it recorded only the times an individual was hurt during use of force.

“This software will show the officers are doing something right,” Dorney said.

He noted the system offers a broad range of early intervention opportunities, peer group analysis, comparison reports and analytical features.

Dorney said he used IAPRO and Blue Team products while he was employed at the Allentown Police Department and found them very effective.

Her noted the electronic record supports accreditation requirements for internal affairs investigations.

Cost of the software package is $15,650, with an annual fee of $2,450 starting the second year after purchase.