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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Vic Dibitetto Vic Dibitetto

Vic Dibitetto to work his comedy at State

Friday, May 3, 2019 by ERIN FERGUSON Special to The Press in Focus

Standup comedian, internet personality and actor Vic Dibitetto performs at 8 p.m. May 11, State Theatre Center for the Arts, Easton

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Dibitetto worked as a school bus driver on Staten Island while performing at local comedy clubs for 35 years.

He started doing standup comedy in 1981 and made his first television appearance in 1991 on “America’s Funniest People” with his son Michael, winning the $10,000 grand prize for their home video mocking a ventriloquist act.

In February 2013 during a nor’easter, Dibitetto struck internet gold with his “Bread and Milk” YouTube video that went viral, receiving more than 17 million views.

The video was shown on CNN, “The Today Show,” “The View” and local weather forecast telecasts, eventually receiving more than 100 million views.

“Social media had a lot to do with where I am now. About five years ago, I did a video about bread and milk and it went viral. It opened the floodgates. Social media, the videos, it was the perfect storm and after 35 years the fruits of my labor are paying off,” says Dibitetto in a phone interview.

In 2015, actor Kevin James asked Dibitetto to play the role of Gino Chizetti in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” The role was based on Tony Gaga, a recurring character in Dibitetto’s videos. Thinking the phone call from Kevin James was a prank, Dibitetto didn’t believe the offer to do the role was real until he received the script.

“Now I’m like Ralph Kramden … ‘Hama, hama, hama.’ I say, ‘OK, Kevin, thanks.’”

Other notable videos of comedic rants that Dibitetto has created include “I’m Not Drivin to Florida,” “Tony Gaga: Florida,” “The Italian Broom,” “Justin Bieber,” “Eggnog and Crack,” the “Ticked-Off Vic” series and “The Shed,” a web series on his YouTube channel.

Dibitetto guested on the “Dr. Oz Show” in 2015 was in his second theatrical feature movie role in “Abnormal Attraction” in 2018.

“You know, I’m not clever like Seinfeld. I’m not a genius like Carlin. I’m just a regular everyday guy and you’re going to sit there and say, ‘Was this guy sitting in my house?’

“I’m not squeaky-clean, but I’m not vulgar. I’m not politically-correct. People relate to me. I talk about everyday life and what people experience.”

Dibitetto has performed at Gotham Comedy Club, The Paramount Theatre, The Borgata, Governors Comedy Club, Mohegan Sun, Parx Casino, Las Vegas’ Riviera Hotel and Casino, Los Angeles’ Laugh Factory and the NYCB Theatre at Westbury,

His tour includes stops in New York, Cleveland and the Philadelphia area.

“I’ve been called the ‘Italian Hurricane.’ The stage is my outlet and being from New York and Italian, I’m very emotional.

“No matter what I say, my wife shakes her head, my kids roll their eyes.

“I’m the voice of the working-class people in this country who don’t seem to have a voice anymore.

“I give it 110 percent on stage and if I have three shows in a row, by the end of the week, my voice is shot.

“Let’s put it this way: I could never be a mime.

“It’s a passion. I really get into it and I enjoy it.

“So if you if you want your face to hurt, come see me. If you’re having a rough week, come have a cocktail and see me.

“The world is crazy right now and we need to laugh now more than ever.”

Tickets: State Theatre Center for the Arts box office, 453 Northampton St., Easton;; 1-800-999-7828; 610-252-3132