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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Board OKs property maintenance code

Thursday, June 13, 2019 by KENNETH BLEILER Special to The Press in Local News

North Whitehall supervisors had a public hearing before the board’s regular June meeting to discuss the adoption of the property maintenance code for the municipality.

Jeff Bartlett gave a short description of the ordinance before adoption along with some changes he suggested were necessary.

After the hearing was closed, the ordinance was adopted.

Rich Townsend asked for some clarifications of certain parts of the ordinance and after Solicitor Lisa Young explained the text, he was satisfied. Bartlett noted fines would be based on civil penalties and could go as high as $1,000 per day.

Malachi Yost, a prospective Eagle Scout, was before the board to discuss a project on which he would be working.

He wants to work at the old cemetery near the intersection of Routes 309 and 873 by cleaning, repairing and restoring the site.

The cemetery is from the former Ebenezer Evangelical Church which was torn down in the 1930s and moved to Lehighton.

After showing supervisors his ideas, they granted him approval to proceed.

Kevin Fruck, representing Rayan Estates made his case for preliminary/final approval of his plans along with the granting of some waivers.

A 2.6-acre parcel along Egypt Road will be subdivided into two tracts.

After discussion, the board granted the waivers and approved the plan.

Anoopam Mission’s request to remove a fire hydrant on their property was tabled by the board.

The plan originally had three hydrants on the property but after negotiating with the planning commission, the plan was approved in 2000 with the condition of the installation of one fire hydrant.

Bartlett questioned the reason for its removal as it had been previously approved.

Private property owners with hydrants must pay to the utility controlling the water in the area.

Area east of the Pa. Turnpike is in the Northampton Borough Municipal Authority. West of the Pa. Turnpike is under the control of the Lehigh County Authority.

Bartlett reported the ballot initiative to preserve open space and agricultural land was approved by a 2-1 margin.

The new tax will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

He also noted road maintenance is in progress and the IRT pavilion is complete.

Jim Morris again mentioned the subject of stream naming.

He is requesting a resolution from the board in favor of his project.

Solicitor Young said she would have the draft prepared for the next meeting.

Norder noted township offices would be closed July 4 due to the holiday and the supervisors’ board meeting would be on July 11.