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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hands-on science for elementary students

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 by SUSAN RUMBLE Special to The Press in Local News

Parkland School District will be investing in the Building Blocks of Science program for students in kindergarten through grade five at a cost of $404,039 for implementation in the 2019-20 school term.

Kelly Rosario, director of curriculum, instruction, and professional development reported Building Blocks features hands-on science investigations as well as an online digital component.

Each grade level will be provided with three kits relating to unit topics.

The kits include a soft cover textbook and other child friendly books written by scientists to bring concepts to an appropriate level, explained Rosario.

The kits also contain items for use in experiments over a three-year period.

The Building Blocks program will align with education standards.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rodney Troutman commented on the Building Blocks of Science.

“This is totally new. Our program is tremendously outdated,” Troutman said.

Purchase was approved by the board at the June 18 meeting.

Another major acquisition will be materials for French, German, and Spanish language instruction at the secondary level at a cost of $324,025.

Rosario stated the items are part of the curriculum revision cycle which includes updates every five years.

The purchase from EMC Publishing contains books, workbooks, online materials, and tapes.

The board also approved procurement of instructional materials for the Latin curriculum at a cost of $22,299.

Troutman said about 250-300 students are enrolled in Latin classes at the high school.

“Latin is very popular,” Principal James Moniz noted.

The board also approved the purchase of DVD sets for the sign language curriculum at a cost of $20,272.

Troutman noted language study is not required by the state, however, Moniz said colleges usually require a minimum of two years of foreign language courses.