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Saturday, June 6, 2020


Friday, November 8, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

I heard those words the other day,

My mind began to run away;

Thinking of all the “things” we possess

To brighten our lives every day.

All of our creature comforts,

All of our friends that we share;

The sun, the moon, the sky, the stars,

The beauty everywhere.

God gave us eyes so we could see,

And, ears so we could hear;

A mouth so we could talk,

And, legs so we could walk.

He gave us feet, and arms, and hands,

So we could stand, and hug and feel;

A body big and strong,

So that our illness’s could heal.

To keep our bodies working

God placed a heart inside our chest,

He placed a brain inside our head

To work along with all the rest.

A heart controls our feelings,

You can hate or you can love;

I think with all he gave to us,

We should learn to share our love.

We use these “million little things,”

every single day.

Without a thought, we’re up each morning,

And go about our way.

We have all the essentials,

We have everything we need.

So, be grateful each day

for your ‘little million things’.

And rejoice in the pleasures they bring.

Shirley Binkley

Cedar View Apartments