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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Youth plant cactuses to celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Thursday, February 20, 2020 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

To celebrate the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos, students in grades six through 12 were recently invited to the Parkland Community Library to paint and decorate a flower pot.

After decorating the pot, they planted a cactus or succulent in the pot before taking it home.

Examples of art that could be used to celebrate were various sugar skull designs using Sharpies.

The creativity of the students flowed in this colorful library project.

Volunteers have a super time at JCC fundraiser

Thursday, February 6, 2020 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

The Jewish Community Center was bustling with activity Jan. 28 during the annual Super Sunday program.

Chairwomen of the fundraiser were Dana Cohen and Naomi Schachter. They sought out volunteers to make phone calls asking for donations.

In addition to the phone calls, there was a group story time sponsored by the PJ Library.

Jennifer Einstein, who uses crutches to walk, read the book ”The Only One Club” to a group of children.

Harlem Wizards display their skills during game with Parkland staff

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 by ANITA HIRSCH in School

The Harlem Wizards with their “Tricks, hoops and alley oops,” displayed their talents and fun at a basketball game between the Wizards and the high school faculty at a performance at Parkland High School on Nov. 21, 2019.

Joshua Abrams, a social studies teacher at the high school, told his students if they made and displayed a sign supporting him, he would give them extra credit.

Abby Severo took his suggestion and made a sign supporting Abrams.

Hanukkah project benefits Second Harvest and food pantry

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

When Hanukkah is about to begin at Temple Beth El, South Whitehall, the adults and children meet together to plan their ChanuCan project, which benefits Second Harvest Food Bank as well as the Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley.

This project began in 2011. At Temple Beth El, the project is directed by Shari Spark, coordinator of Ritual and Services, as a project of Jewish Family Education.

Meetings were held, teams were organized and the 2019 theme selected was “Jewish Journey’s ... Let’s GO!”

Donations were accepted and cans were purchased and collected.

Kosher, vegetarian food truck is new at JCC

Sunday, December 22, 2019 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

There is a new addition to the Jewish Community Center at 702 N 22nd St., Allentown.

Parked on the Tilghman Street side of the JCC, there is now a kosher and vegetarian food truck.

The Around the Table Catering Inc. food truck is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays to Thursdays, and it will be open all winter.

Owners Lee and Dror Levi will show hungry visitors the menu and help them make that special selection.

Order and wait for the meal to be prepared or call ahead and have it ready.

Dessert contest was just peachy

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

The fresh peach dessert contest at The Great Allentown Fair caught the eye of many bakers.

A popular contest, there were 26 entries in the competition.

Bechdolts Orchard, Hellertown, sponsored the event and the winner received $200 and a gift card from the restaurant store.

The second place winner received $150; the third place winner received $100; and the fourth-place prize was $50.

In addition, every contestant received a gift certificate to Bechdolts Orchard.

Fourth place went to Sally Newhartz from Bethlehem for her peach kuchen.

Kids make leaf wreaths at Parkland library

Thursday, October 31, 2019 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

During the early evening of Oct. 7, a group of kids gathered leaves from outside Parkland Community Library, South Whitehall.

Although there was a light rain, they were going to make wreaths from the freshly gathered leaves.

Teen Services and Programming Librarian Amanda Evans provided the instructions to make leaf wreaths.

Each youngster tried to make the best and most unusual wreath, and parents were there to give assistance, if needed.

The creative juices flowed and the kids created a wonderful variety of wreaths before heading home.

Seniors make kiffles at Parkland Library

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 by ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

Kiffles are a popular treat any time of the year but not many people have a good recipe or have made them at home before.

Mariann Kmetz, the head of technical services at Parkland Community Library, South Whitehall, came up with the idea of making Polish kiffles at a recent DIY project for seniors.

Kmetz brought all the ingredients and premeasured them so participants could just combine the cream cheese, butter and flour to make the dough.

They then rolled out the dough and cut it into one-and-a-half to two-inch squares.

Candy lab is treat for kids

Thursday, September 26, 2019 by ANITA HIRSCH in School

Students in grades six through 12 recently took part in a sweet event at Parkland Community Library, South Whitehall.

During the chemistry candy lab presented on Sept. 14, Amanda Evans, in charge of teen services and programming at the library, explained to the group how they could create edible gummy laces from juices such as cranberry-strawberry or grape.

By only adding a few special ingredients, they would have edible gummy candies in just a few minutes.