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Friday, July 3, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY ANITA HIRSCHAfter hatching, the chicks were kept warm in a brooder box at Parkland Community Library, South Whitehall Township, before being returned to Quiver Farm.

Checkin’ out the chicks

By ANITA HIRSCH in Local News

Early in April, Parkland Community Library, South Whitehall, received a dozen eggs from Quiver Farm, Pennsburg.

The eggs were placed in an incubator to keep warm and everyone who visited the library eagerly awaited for them to hatch. They...

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Kay attorney responds

By SUSAN RUMBLE in Local News

At the South Whitehall commissioners workshop session at Springhouse Middle School on April 11, James Preston, attorney for Kay Builders, defended his client’s right to develop the 190-acre property known as Ridge Farm.

The project...