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Monday, December 9, 2019

Another View

Thursday, October 17, 2013 by BY APRIL PETERSON in Opinion

Let us now praise famous ... libraries

I am a library geek.

The evidence is clear. Check my wallet and you will find cards for Emmaus Public Library, covered with stickers permitting access to the Allentown Public Library system and "Access Pennsylvania," an online carte-blanche of sorts for libraries throughout the state.

I have a card, expired, for Cressman Library at Cedar Crest College, and, the prize of the collection, an ACCESS card to the New York Public Library: The Research Libraries.

Editor's View

Thursday, October 10, 2013 by JOHANNA S. BILLINGS in Opinion

Government shutdown hurts in many ways

Babies and spoiled brats.

Yep, I'm talking about members of the United States Congress.

The recent government shutdown is an example of the abysmal failure of our elected officials to behave like responsible adults and work out their differences in a respectable and professional manner.

I am not going to mention political parties or the issue Congress is fighting about. Both are irrelevant because, when you strip away the rhetoric of party politics, you can see the shutdown for what it is – grown-ups behaving badly because they suffer no consequences for their actions.

Chosen Words

Thursday, October 10, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

The October of Our Lives

Crisp, bright days illumine fall colors

Brilliant gold, mixed with

a tinge of rust

Days of rain, laden with sadness

Sadness at the loss

of dear friends departed

All these aspects of the

October of our lives

Not yet November with its darkness and debilitation

Looking toward December's

long night of the soul

The end of our days

But October

Those golden moments

of playing with grandchildren

Reunions with old friends and acquaintances

Reminiscences of younger years

Editor's View

Thursday, October 10, 2013 by DEB PALMIERI in Opinion

Government shutdown could be tipping point for country's future

With all due respect to Whitehall-Coplay Press Editor Johanna Billings concerns about foreign students not being able to work in Maine restaurants and her inability to access Acadia National Park, the government shutdown began much earlier for families in the Lehigh Valley who have lost their homes to foreclosure over the past four or five years.

The government shutdown will last a lot longer for workers who have been notified by their employers their work hours or even jobs will be cut due to President Barack Obama's not-so affordable health care.

Letter to the Editor

Thursday, October 10, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

Writer compliments Mahalik column

To the Editor:

Reading Pattie Mahalik's column in the Sept. 26 edition of the Northwestern Press brought back so many fond memories of my friends in the Suncoast Writer's Guild, whose creative writings have so inspired me.

Throughout the past nine years, I've been privileged to meet with this group three times a month for the three months of the year while my husband, Bruce, and I reside in Venice, Fla.

Living the Vintage Years

Thursday, October 3, 2013 by BONNIE LEE STRUNK Special to The Press in Opinion

Do you have a conscience?

The woman's words stick in my mind, conjuring up images of contrasts, not unlike multi-hued autumn leaves.

When I asked the woman whether she doesn't worry someone will steal the money from the produce stand's "honor" box, she replied, "If they do, they'll lose a lot more than we will."

My husband and I visit that Mennonite farm stand whenever we are in the area, and this was the first time we encountered any member of the family.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thursday, October 3, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

·America on Wheels, Allentown, has several volunteer needs.

Contact Liz Hahn at 610-432-4200, ext. 10 or

·Equi-librium, Sciota, needs volunteers to help with riders and horses in the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies Program for people with disabilities.

Contact Yvonne Darlington at 570-992-7722 or

·Hispanic Center of Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, is looking for a volunteer to serve as volunteer coordinator.

Contact Lorna Velazquez at 610-868-7800, ext. 221 or

Guest View

Thursday, October 3, 2013 by JIM ZACHARY Special to The Press in Opinion

Your community, your newspaper, your life

As newspaper executives struggle over whether the news should be digital first, tablet first, SMS first or print first, readers know exactly what they want their local newspaper to be community first.

Reading a newspaper is not like reading a novel, a magazine, a history book, poetry, prose or any other type of literature.

Newspapers are not about what has happened in the past, what is happening someplace else, or what happens in an author's imagination.

Newspapers are about us.

Another View

Thursday, September 26, 2013 by LINDA WOJCIECHOWSKI in Opinion

College: Getting the most for your money

Millions of college students around the country are now experiencing their first time away from home with total freedom.

These students are taking on not only the challenge of achieving a strong grade point average, but they face hurdles their parents did not have, especially the cost of the education they are acquiring.

In a recent speech President Barack Obama gave to University of Buffalo students, he addressed the soaring cost of a college diploma, while acknowledging the importance of higher education.