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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Chosen Words

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by Sublime summer's end in Opinion

Setting sun shimmering on the bay

Multi-configured clouds

Frame this glorious scene

Scent of sea engulfs my senses

As gulls ride the thermals heavenward

A fitting climax to an

all too insular summer

Devoid of supernal inspiration

by nature's handiwork

Ah, how the muse performs

Her song of bliss

enlivened by this scene

Reveling in joy at summer's end

As the sun sets in the west

Yet another summer passes

I am transfixed by this

sublime summer's end.

D.J. Hausman-Hill


Guest View

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

Are you prepared to stay in business?

Imagine stepping into your store, restaurant or the office where you run your business after a wildfire has been contained, a tornado or hurricane has passed, or floodwaters have receded.

Unfortunately for thousands of business owners across the country, this scenario is more than just imagined.

Editor's View A world of opportunity exists for today's women

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

I was raised with the notion I could be anything I wanted to be.

There was never discussion on barriers placed on particular careers because I was a girl.

We recently lost a very important woman, Sally Ride, who helped pave the way for young girls.

Ride was the first American woman in space and the youngest American to ever circle Earth.

According to her biography on, she answered a NASA newspaper ad seeking astronaut candidates in 1977 while finishing her Ph.D. She already had degrees in physics and English.

Editor's View

Thursday, September 6, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

Lest we forget

Eleven years have passed since the 9/11 Islamic extremists' terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Va., and the crash of hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 into a farmer's field near Shanksville, Somerset County.

Last year's 10th anniversary memorial tributes to those lost in the tragedy were televised; I doubt there will be as much broadcast this year.

The pain and sense of loss, however, continues for the families and the survivors.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thursday, August 30, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

·Special Olympics Bethlehem is in need of a training coordinator. Contact Robert Sehee at 610-419-3285 or

·American Diabetes Association, Bethlehem, needs help to make the next diabetes walk in Bethlehem Oct. 13 the most fun and successful walk to date.

Contact Dawn Fernandez at 888-342-2383, ext. 4625 or

Coco Foundation, Bethlehem, needs volunteers for its annual Tee Time for Coco Golf Tournament Sept. 29.

Contact Lisa Walker at 570-954-8024 or

Letter to the Editor

Thursday, August 30, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

Writer misses high school friend who died

To the Editor:

Dora M. Lacy was a friend like no other person could be.

When I was injured in a motor scooter accident, Dora, her sister, Evelyn, and their brother, Richard, who was a classmate of mine for four years in the fantasic class of 1949 at Whitehall High School, stepped in to bolster my self-esteem at a time I needed it badly.

Frequent visits playing pinochle and board games, and cranking homemade ice cream were welcome treats to the boredom of waiting for broken bones to heal.

Another View

Thursday, August 30, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

Research candidates before voting

The Aug. 15 arrest of state Rep. Joseph Brennan, D-133rd, on simple assault and DUI charges, and the subsequent an-nouncement he would not seek re-election in November should lead residents of the Lehigh Valley to conduct deeper research into whom their candidates and elected officials are.

We, the people, should place higher standards on our elected officials, and those public officials should abide by higher ethical and moral standards.

Guest View

Thursday, August 23, 2012 by SEN. DAVID ARGALL, R-29th Special to The Press in Opinion

Why we are not giving up on the fight to eliminate school district property taxes

The Senate Finance Committee recently held its first public hearing on Senate Bill 1400, also known as the Property Tax Independence Act.

This is legislation I introduced at the direct request of thousands of residents throughout the six counties I represent and 72 taxpayer groups across Pennsylvania, led by the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition.

Despite this strong support, during the public hearings in the Senate and the State House, Senate Bill 1400, along with its counterpart, House Bill 1776, have received mixed reviews.