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Friday, June 23, 2017


Thursday, January 19, 2017 by APRIL PETERSON in Opinion

Not an acrobat’s daughter but a one-time elephant rider

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is folding the big top.

In an announcement on its website, declines in ticket sales and “the transition of elephants off the road” were cited by Kenneth Feld, chief executive of Feld Entertainment, current owner of the 140-plus-year-old entertainment institution, as among factors making the circus an “unsustainable business.”

Various media outlets announced the closing of the circus in top-of-the-hour roundups Jan. 15.

LIVING THE VINTAGE YEARS Check out a charity before writing a check

Thursday, January 19, 2017 by BONNIE LEE STRUNK in Opinion

It seems everyone wants our money.

As the holiday season approached, my husband and I were inundated with mailings and telephone calls requesting donations for a multitude of charities, including quite a few unfamiliar to us.

I am sure some organizations we supported in the past sold their donor lists to similar organizations, and soon the pleas for help (along with calendars, address labels and greeting cards) began stacking up on my desk.

Even my late husband, gone over 25 years, received some appeals for money. Good luck with that!

GUEST VIEW Working to improve stroke care in Pennsylvania

Thursday, January 19, 2017 by STATE REP. RYAN MACKENZIE R-134 in Opinion

Strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and they are the leading cause of serious long-term disability. However, the quicker a person receives appropriate treatment for a stroke, the better the outcome can be in terms of survival and reduced long-term complications and disability.

In order to provide the best care in Pennsylvania for those who suffer a stroke, I have introduced legislation that will help direct stroke victims to the appropriate hospital to treat their type of stroke.

GUEST VIEW Pennsylvania must close deadly firearms loophole

Thursday, January 19, 2017 by STATE REP. MIKE O’BRIEN 175TH LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT in Opinion

The recent shooting rampage at Fort Lauderdale airport is the latest tragic example of the need to clear up Pennsylvania’s law relating to involuntary mental health treatment and possessing firearms.

I have introduced legislation (H.B. 22) to resolve the current ambiguity in Pennsylvania law on involuntary mental health treatment and possessing guns.

Under current law, people who have been involuntarily committed for mental health treatment are ineligible to possess a gun – unless the treatment ordered is on an outpatient basis.

Editor’s View

Thursday, January 12, 2017 by DEBBIE GALBRAITH in Opinion

What about our military personnel?

At the end of each year, I am glued to the television as we reflect on the celebrities and well-known personalities who have died during the year.

I didn’t know any of them personally, but certainly benefited in some way from their talents in film, television, books or music.

What we didn’t hear about were the United States military personnel killed in 2016.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott Cooper Dayton, 42, of Woodbridge, Va., died Nov. 14, 2016, serving during Operation Inherent Resolve in northern Syria.

Another view

Thursday, December 29, 2016 by LINDA WOJCIECHOWSKI in Opinion

Music can bring holiday cheer all year

During December, our lives are typically filled with special events, gift-giving, family gatherings and food we only eat once a year.

All of these aspects of the season bring most of us joy, but there is something else we experience during the holidays that contributes to our jolly demeanor at this time of year — the music.

While we certainly listen to music the rest of the year as well, there’s no denying we are drenched in it during the holidays.

Words have consequences

Thursday, December 29, 2016 by BONNIE LEE STRUNK in Opinion

Words are powerful.

Think about it. Those distinct elements of speech or writing have caused war, divorce, murder and other atrocities.

All that mayhem because of words, which are nothing more than sounds that come out of our mouths or squiggly lines and circles and loops and dots connected in different patterns.

Different sequences of words can lead to healing and peace and love.

Sometimes our brains and tongues don’t consult with each other before words come spilling out of our mouths.


Thursday, December 29, 2016 by The Press in Opinion

En Glee Bissell des un Sell

Ich winsch dire en scheenes Neies Yaahr

Un fiel so noch mitnanner,

Genunk vun Pannhaas, Schnitz un Gnepp

Un Warscht Gschpiced mit Kaeyanner.

Vun Sauergraut en Schtenner voll

So gut wie annera Yaahre,

Un os die Mommie’s kocht wie schunscht

Mit Sei-fies, Schpeck un Ohre!

A Little Bit of This and That

I wish you a nice New Year

And many more together.

Enough scrapple, apples and dumplings

And sausage spiced with coriander.

With a tub full of sauerkraut

Guest view Learning to talk about a higher being

Thursday, December 29, 2016 by DENISE CONTINENZA in Opinion

I am always last — last to arrive, last to leave, last to get served at a banquet. Sometimes it happens due to my own fault, like because I am running late.

But many times, if not most, I am at the end of the line because I tend to hang around and talk. I always seem to find someone to connect with, even in a room full of strangers.

It is both a blessing and a curse. I even had the lights turned off on me at a viewing once.